New 1.9 Feature

by Broadcaster on Dec.17, 2009, under Uncategorized

Just a small change to the way alerts are done.  You can now select if an alert is active or not.  You can now have many alerts without them showing.

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New RC

by Broadcaster on Oct.22, 2009, under features, news

Related Stories

Related Stories

Today a new Broadcaster 1.9 release candidate will be pushed live.  The big news in this RC is related stories.  Often times a breaking news item has several itertive information updates, sometimes over several days.  When small details emerge, it’s logical enough to update your story with that detail, but with large, it’s most times better to author a new article; that’s where related stories kicks in.

Using Related Stories

When editing or adding a new story, you will see a new box in the right sidebar labeled Article Fellowship.  The purpose of this box is two fold.  One is select the story that this is a followup to.  You will shown a list of 50 of the most recent stories before the one you are editing.  The other use is to show you if this story has been been used as a follow-up.  If it has, chances are you want to click on it to edit that story instead.

Changes to the viewer

On stories that have no follow-up, there are no changes.  If the story has a newer story that follows it up, than a small box showing is seen on the top.  If the story is an update to older story, that is shown on the bottom.  Both can happen as well.  Below is example of both.

Follow-ups, what the user sees

Follow-ups, what the user sees

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RC release today

by Broadcaster on Oct.09, 2009, under Uncategorized

Around noon time today a 1.9 release candidate will be going live. Here is a quick summary of the release.

  • Admin Search of articles
  • Bug fix on time updating on the article admin page
  • Better print style sheets
  • Setup for related stories
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Twitter from Weather

by Broadcaster on Jul.14, 2009, under features

You can now tweet about the weather from within broadcaster.  Just like the news articles.  See the below image.

Tweet the weather

Tweet the weather

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Comment Notifications

by Broadcaster on Jul.14, 2009, under features

Broadcaster now has a way to let you be notified of comments that need to approved or deleted.  It works within Mozilla Firefox on the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.  Installation of this comment notification feature takes about 10 minutes and then it auto upgrades it’s self form there.

Mac OS X

If you are running Mac OS X, you need to install Growl.  Numerous other applications use Growl and very well may have it install already.  If you don’t, head over to and install it, it’s free and open source.

Installing the Firefox Extension

The first step in installation is to install the Firefox addon Jetpack.  It can be installed from  The current release is for Firefox 3.5.  If you don’t have firefox 3.5, you can upgrade at this time, or select one of the older versions of Jetpack that is for you version of firefox.

Install Jetpack from

Install Jetpack from

Now we jetpack installed, you will need to restart your firefox and the hardest part is over.

Moderate Comments

With jetpack installed, go to the broadcaster admin area and click on comments.  On the very top of your firefox window, a little bar will appear, right under your tabs.  It should look like this.

Installing a jetpack feature

Installing a jetpack feature

Go ahead and click install in the upper right.

Scary Screen

Now you are going to get a scray looking screen.  It should tell you that you are installing a jetpack feature from an untrusted source.  See below.

Don't worry it's okay

Don't worry it's okay

Go ahead and click on auto update this feature and click I know what I am doing, install it.  You should get a jetpack screen saying that it’s installed.

All Done

That was not so bad, right?  Now on the bottom of your firefox window, you should see the following.

Installed Jetpack

Installed Jetpack

It’s the broadcaster logo with a number in the corner.  That number is the number of comments that need to be deleted or approved.  It will update about once a minute.

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by Broadcaster on Jul.13, 2009, under features

NavigationAs of version 1.8.RC4, podcasting is available in broadcaster.   Podcasting is more or less, a RSS feed that allows applications like iTunes to download rich media files and put them on a MP3 player.


Now in broadcaster admin, instead of the VIDEO tab, you will see the MEDIA tab.  Under this tab is video, ads, and mp3 podcasting.

To make a new podcast, select MEDIA -> PODCASTING -> New Podcast.  You only have two fields to populate, title and the mp3 file.  Your title should be a little blurb about the content of the podcast file.

podcasting main screen

The main screen in the podcasting section

If you would like to start making use of Broadcaster podcasting, let Sephone know.

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Broadcaster 1.8.RC3

by Broadcaster on Jul.09, 2009, under features, news

Version 1.8.RC2 made it out into the wild today. There are two major changes: Facebook and Recent Stories, as as some minor changes.

Recent Stories
On the article pages, under the video and/or images, there is now a box that is somewhat small that allows scrolling. This stories are just your top 20 published stories.

Not everybody has Facebook connect enabled, if you don’t have it enabled, call Sephone and ask for it.  With facebook connect enabled, users can comment via their facebook account, instead of typing in a name/email/website everytime they comment on a story.  This feature also gives users the ability to post their comment back to their facebook wall to let their friends see what they said on your site.  Here are some visual differences, click to enlarge.

What it looks like to use facebook connect for the first time to a user

What it looks like to use facebook connect for the first time to a user

Posting a new comment

Posting a new comment with facebook

What the admin area looks like when moderating facebook comments

What the admin area looks like when moderating facebook comments

The way facebook comments look to other users

The way facebook comments look to other users

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Broadcaster Stats

by Broadcaster on Jun.30, 2009, under news

Right are some quick Broadcaster stats since it’s first launch on February 18th.

  • 10, 623 total news stories
  • 2542 new stories (many were imported)
  • 1022 uploaded news videos
  • 1.1 Terabytes of video streamed
  • 1001 user submitted comments
  • 814 uploaded images
  • 337 weather reports filled
  • 109 user submitted weather images
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Announcement about 1.8

by Broadcaster on Jun.26, 2009, under news

Broadcaster version 1.8 is slated to be released this summer, here are a few of the planned enhancements.

  1. Podcasting – Allow you to upload various mp3’s (up to five) that are switched together into one file and then presented as a podcast that can be submitted to the iTunes music store.
  2. Top News Stories – You can choose to have your top news stories automatically appear on any of your broadcaster pages.
  3. Comment Notification – Let you know when new people have commented and they need to be approved.
  4. Facebook Connect – Let your views comment with their facebook account, instead of having to put their name, email & site everytime they post a comment.  Also, we can pull that user’s avatar from facebook.

More details to come when 1.8 is released.

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Bug Fix

by Broadcaster on Jun.26, 2009, under news

Where was a bug discovered when uploading a new video that is not a news, sports or weather feature ad.  This bug has been addressed.

Sorry for any inconvince.

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